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Our professional hardworking electrician services are trained and skilled to offer you a large number of services in your home and industrial locations of different capacities. We can get the job done no matter the size of the job. 
We fix and install different kinds of lights in different venues from your offices to your home interiors, gardens and even your other businesses such as your clubs and factories. We also install and repair you air conditioning units, fans and other cooling systems as well as your heaters and other warming systems. Our electrician services repair other household equipment such as dishwashers and refrigerators as well as assist with the installation of devices such as stereos and entertainment systems. We work as swiftly as possible in all these jobs to ensure that we save your time. We also repair your machines for you. The client is also directed to retailers that are in partnership with us for a discount. Whenever repairs are required the staff at the call center will take down your details and slot you in for an appointment. The field crew that is free will then be sent to your building to work on the problem. The client can rest assured that minimal damage will take place. 

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Electrical Repairs, Installations & Maintenance

We are highly trained in our field and use quality products to keep your electrical system at its best and also install fully new electrical systems in homes that have been recently built.

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However, some repairs may require wet cast afterward. Our crew are trained to work on this and will do the casting at no extra charge. 
Safety is a key component in our operations. As such, we have partnered with the best retailers to supply our staff with the latest safety gear. You can witness this in action when you call us in for installations. Customers who hire our electrician services can expect the highest level of precautions from our team to keep them and their possessions safe. 
We rewire and connect sockets, outlets and cables in your homes and in your offices and test the voltage to prevent damage and interruptions. We test connections and repair or replace your old or faulty fuse boxes if you are having problems with itas well so do not hesitate to give us a call.  

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